Hello, my name is Sharday Engel.

I’m a lover of stripes and can either be found in head-to-toe black, or some monochromatic ensemble. 
I’m from Australia but have lived in Vancouver, Canada for almost 4 years, which explains my odd accent that most mistake for Britralian. Mama to Lily and wife to Avner - life is pretty sweet with our two fur babies Kiki and Sylvie. 
Most days you’ll find me in yoga pants and a hoodie, pottering around the house, playing games with Lily or out walking the seawall (#vancouverstereotypemuch).
I like to think I’m serving the world by collating pretty images, sharing style finds and passing on what I’ve learnt along this crazy rollercoaster called motherhood.
I am mostly known as honest (sometimes a little too honest), loyal and hilarious (said my Mum).
The things I am most passionate about in life are pizza, red wine and epic tv shows - all the same time, please and thanks. 

A modern take on motherhood, fashion and home. I hope this blog inspires you. Feel free to leave a comment & follow me. 

x Sharday