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lily's bedroom makeover: inspiration

lily's bedroom makeover: inspiration

As much as I try to ignore it sometimes, my baby is growing up! Lily is turning two this August and she's blossoming into the most funny, independent, quirky and smart little lady. 

I've been feeling for sometime that her room needs an upgrade to match this next chapter of childhood. We've passed the nursery, newborn days and her room needs a serious overhaul to match.


Looking back at when we first put her nursery together, it was very neutral and genderless - which made sense as we decided keep the gender a surprise until birth. The thing is now she's growing up, the room is very bland and is not that exciting to look at for an almost two-year old. Not that she hates being in her room but I want to create a space that she loves spending time in. A space that will surprise and delight her every time she enters her very own 'big girl' bedroom.

The current set-up is:


Why pink? Well to be honest it's her favourite colour. Never once have I told Lily that she needs to wear pink or girly colours, but going back to around 18 months old - she started making a preference for all things pink. Now I don't know if this is a scientific thing or if it's a subconscious fitting into gender type thing, but pink makes her happy. So she's going to have a few pink pieces here and there, counterbalanced with a shades of black, white and grey.


  • Wall decals. Because we just went through reno'ing and freshly painting our apartment, I'm looking to add some decals to the walls instead of painting. Urban Walls has the cutest pastel polka dots that are going to brighten up the space big time!

  • Bed. The good thing about the Gulliver is that it converts from a newborn crib to toddler bed (the front side is removed), so the bed will remain as is and we'll adjust when she gets to around 2.5 years.

  • Change table. Got to go. Lily's way too tall to fit on the change table without bumping her legs or head. So it's gotta go and in it's place I'm thinking to put a three-drawer dresser. Top drawer will have all her creams, diapers/nappies, wipes etc. Bottom drawers will have clothes all sorted by separate little dividers of course.

  • Rug. Her current rug is a super simple cream/grey colour, so I'm thinking that adding a colourful rug will bring some texture to the room and make things look more homey.

  • Wall shelves. We used to have these installed in her room at our last apartment, so I'm looking to buy a few more and create a book or knick knack wall. Ikea has some great ones.

  • Artwork. Such an easy way to add interest to a room. 

  • Bedding & pillows. Also an easy solve to add colour to the space.

So I've got my work cut out for me! Looking forward to sharing next steps with a before & after of the makeover.

x Sharday

summer strolls with the little one

summer strolls with the little one

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