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how to clean your hunter boots

how to clean your hunter boots

For us Northern Hemispherians (is that even a word?), Winter is coming. I've got my plan of attack all sorted: 'Stock up' and 'Dust off'. 'Stock up' on a new winter coat, warm pants, boots x 2 and winter accessories. 'Dust off' my existing Winter clothes and boots. So while I was in the 'Dust off' phase I came across something obscure. My Hunter boots, which weren't in use for a good 5 months, had this strange white film all over them. A little Google search later explained it as 'blooming', a proccess caused due to the natural state of the rubber. So for all you clueless Hunter girls out there - heres how to get your boots looking spick and span.



My reaction: what the heck is going on here!? This strange film can't be removed with simple soapy water and Google reccomended buying some kind of professional rubber restorer. Now you have to know, I'm an instant fix kind of girl. I could not be bothered waiting 2 weeks for some rubber cleaner to arrive. But there's an alternative!


You will need: olive oil & a rag cloth. Drizzle a little oil on your cloth and get cleanin'! Circular motions will do the trick. White stuff be gone!



WOWSERS! Compare the difference! Pay attention to the buckle and Hunter logo and make sure you don't miss any spots.



Voila! Check out your boots - they look brand new. And the total cost of this clean = 50c. Yay! More money to spend of Fall/Winter clothes. x Sharday

Photos: Me  /  We the People for Hunter

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