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my thoughts: on skincare at thirty

my thoughts: on skincare at thirty

Now that I've entered a new decade, I thought I would put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) about skincare for your thirties. It's hard to describe but I've gotten more into skincare in the last few months than I have my entire adult life. Not that I'm so worried about aging, but it seems like when you hit 30, all of a sudden you're crazy interested in skincare treatments, new products, green beauty brands etc. I've seen this happen to a few of my friends and now myself. To be honest, there's nothing really bad at taking more of interest in your skincare regime, so here are some of my skincare thoughts of late:


Nothing is certain.

Your skin changes over time. From those teenage years of first pimples to hitting your twenties and later getting pregnant & breastfeeding etc (read: crazy hormones). What I've come to accept lately is that my skin condition is never constant. It's always changing and I need to adapt my routine to meet those changes. Whether that means giving new products a try or visiting a new aesthetician, I'm trying not to be complacent. My skin has been really problematic lately with blackheads & breakouts all around the T-zone and chin area. Photos and good makeup can be deceiving as when I usually tell my friends that my skin is bothering me, they say "no way, your skin is so clear". But then I usually get them to look up close and see there's a ton of visible blackheads & weekly blemishes that come and go.

Treat yourself.

Lately, I've realised I need to invest more 'me-time' when it comes to my skin. No matter how thorough I am with my morning and nightly skincare regime, there are just some things you need to leave to the professionals. I visited Project Skin MD and got a customised facial a few weeks back (my first facial in over a year!!) and it was heavenly. Jessica from the Glow Room is so amazing and took such good care of my skin - extractions and all!

I've also been getting MAX+ LED treatments at Project Skin MD, which is like a crazy intense multi-vitamin for your skin. This Canadian made and designed machine uses 7 different light types to target different skin concerns. For example, the violet light kills bacteria and helps with blemished skin while the red light stimulates collagen production. I plan to make these me-time/mama-time moments a more regular thing!


Skincare Sundays.

Another routine I've been following for the last few months is skincare Sundays at home. I have to wait until Lily goes to bed as she doesn't like the look of my face masks and asks me to take it off haha. I give my skin a good cleanse, tone and exfoliate then move onto a Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Mask. I leave that on for about 20 mins while watching WestWorld or another Netflix show. Once it's washed off I follow up with my serum & moisturiser. The next day my skin will often have a blemish or two, but this clears up pretty quickly! Doing this routine at least once a week makes such a big difference.


Cleansing Brushes

On the advice of my aesthetician, I need to invest in a facial cleansing brush that will thoroughly exfoliate my skin. As I have some rough patches on my nose and forehead, I'm looking forward to seeing what the results could potentially be! Please let me know if you have any brands/models you recommend??


It takes work.

Last but not least, something I've really acknowledged lately is that good skin takes a lot of work. It's not an overnight thing and there is no miracle product that's going to solve all your problems. It takes work every morning and every night, and having the a facial treatment every 6 weeks really helps!

Well those are some of my recent thoughts on skincare now I've hit the big 3-0. Would love to hear if you have any learnings to share or anything that worked really well for your skin.

x Sharday

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