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review: the cheeky straight jean from everlane

review: the cheeky straight jean from everlane

These are the most comfortable jeans I own and something I reach for each morning, without a doubt.

Frank + Oak tee / Everlane Cheeky Straight Jean in Washed Black / Vans Old Skool Platform sneakers / Sonya Lee Half Yuliana bag / Illesteva Leonard sunglasses

After wearing these jeans for a few months now, I wanted to share my thoughts on the Cheeky Straight Jean from Everlane.

The brief

After giving birth to Eitan, I have to be honest, I was really sick of wearing stretchy pants. I so missed my structured denim jeans and was in the market for a pair of new jeans that were comfortable, straight legged but still a little trendy = a cool mom jean.

I only really buy a new pair of jeans every 1-2 years. After working on the team that bought denim at Aritzia, I learnt that quality really does beat quantity. I’ve owned jeans in the past that cost $200+, and they always last much longer than a $49 pair. With that being said, I’m on maternity leave right now so my shopping budget for these kinds of purchases has shrunk dramatically, meaning I need to shop smart.

The goods

Everlane Cheeky Straight Jean in REGULAR WASHED BLACK & SKY BLUE

The results

Feels expensive, looks expensive

My initial thoughts when unboxing the jeans were that they feel and look exactly like my $200+ pairs of jeans. The fabric is made from a thick but stretchy cotton twill, and the stitching and trims are all really nice. The light Sky Blue wash fabric felt firmer/more structured compared to the Washed Black, and over time they have worn differently also. The Sky Blue pair were super uncomfortable and tight at first but have slowly relaxed over time, whereas the Washed Black were comfortable from the get-go.

Size right

Follow the size guide closely to make sure you purchase the right fit. The Everlane website suggests either choosing your exact size for a snug fit or size up for more a boyfriend fit. I chose my exact size (26), but knowing that I was getting these jeans a few months after giving birth, they were going to be on the super snug side.

Wearing over time

I’m really enjoying how these jeans wear over time. As you can see in the photos, the knees and butt have bagged slightly to allow for more of a relaxed fit - and that’s fine with me! These are the most comfortable jeans I own and something I reach for each morning, without a doubt.

Waistband situation

Because I did get these just after giving birth i.e. when my middle section is a bit more flabby than usual, the waistband/zipper area is stretched. The inner pocket lining shows through a little as naturally, I’m filling out this area more than I normally would. Also, the top edge of the waistband folds down a little as I have a muffin top situation going on. Would I change my mind and not get these jeans because of this?? No. This is just naturally where my body is at right now and how it’s fitting into these jeans. I don’t blame the jeans and I don’t blame my body… it just is what it is.


Looks like Everlane is offering free shipping on your first order, so perfect time to bite the bullet if you’ve been holding off on purchasing.

Any additional questions/comments about the jeans? Send me a DM or email :)

x Sharday

Disclaimer:  I was sent these jeans for the purposes of review.  The fact I got them for free has not influenced the review in any way. All thoughts & opinions remain my own.

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