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4 skincare hacks to save you time

4 skincare hacks to save you time

Elise Silk Pyjamas  & Yon-Ka skincare products

Elise Silk Pyjamas & Yon-Ka skincare products

I'm going to be upfront with you.. I just don't have time and patience when it comes to a blown out skincare routine.  Either I'm rushed to get ready before Lily wakes up in the morning, or I'm downright exhausted when the evening rolls around.

That's why I love discovering any little skincare hack that can save me a few moments, and you don't have to be a mother to appreciate these time-saving tricks. Every woman I know is living life to the full whether it be a busy career, exercising, spending time with friends and fam. So more time savouring that morning cup of coffee or that late night Parks & Rec binge is A-OK with me.

About my skin

First things first.. it's not perfect. My skin is never in one constant state. As I was finishing up breastfeeding Lily (more of that here) and my period was starting to resume after a 2 year hiatus, my hormones were off the chart. My skin was the worst it's been in my entire life (angsty teenage years included) with even the dreaded back-ne making an appearance. Things finally started to mellow out after I got myself on a solid skincare regime and met with my Naturopath for some food & vitamin strategies.

Why Yon-Ka skincare?

I've mentioned before why I love Yon-Ka so much and why I've been using it for over 3 years now (thanks to my mother-in-law for starting this addition!). To sum it up - it makes sense for my skin. My skin can be sensitive and doesn't react well to products with harsh chemicals. I've had to throw out many a tester from Sephora after my skin would start getting a rash. Yon-Ka leans towards using essential oils and plant botanicals. It's gentle enough on my skin that I don't get a reaction, but strong enough to clean off makeup and clear up my complexion. Also, what's not to love about multi-tasking products that can be used multiple ways!

Let's kick it off with my skincare hacks for busy ladies:

1. Cleansing & toning with Eau Micellaire water:

Cleansing and washing my skin is probably one of my least favourite skincare tasks. Having to tie my hair up, waiting for the water to go warm, having a towel at the ready and somehow I still make a mess everywhere. Micellar water is a really great option for when you don't have much time but still want to thoroughly clean your skin. Simply add a few drops to a cotton pad and wipe away pore-clogging dirt, debris and pick up any leftover makeup. This miracle water also tones your skin in the process!

How do you know your skin is clean? It might take a few cotton pads but once you've swiped over your skin and no dirt/makeup is left on the pad.. you know you're good to go!

2. The 2-in-1 exfoliant/overnight moisture boost

Gommage 305 is the most versatile product in my bathroom drawer. It can be used a gentle exfoliant peel to remove dead skin cells by applying a thin layer, letting it dry and then gently rubbing the product off. Alternatively it can be used an intense overnight boost by applying a thick layer before going to bed and simply washing it off in the morning. It's definitely not your conventional exfoliator but I found my skin to be less red and irritated after using it.

3. Moisturize at night

Using a great serum & moisturizer can save time in the morning as your skin is already hydrated, smooth and soft. I like to finish my night-time skin routine with Serum Vital followed by Hydra No.1. Fun fact: my husband always comments that he loves the smell of these face creams 

4. Boosting up your moisturizer

Here's a fun little tip for dull, flat skin. If I feel like my skin needs a pep, I add a drop or two of Hydra+ Booster to my moisturizer before going to bed. This is the quickest way to make such a difference to your skin overnight. I find my skin feels dewy and super soft when I wake up.

Would love to hear about time-saving skincare hacks so share them in the comments below or over on my Instagram @shardayengel

P.s. Yon-Ka just released a special edition Lotion in collaboration with the charity 'A roof for our bees'. It's such a great cause and not to mention super cute bottle designed by French designer Fifi Mandirac. Read more about the collab here.

x Sharday

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